Amazon SEO Optimisation

The number 1 marketplace in Germany and worldwide presupposes a great deal of competition, especially since Amazon itself acts as a retailer. Customers benefit most from this strategy because they have the opportunity to choose products at the best price from the range on offer.

In the meantime, the online marketplace is represented in 14 countries. In Germany, Amazon was the American company with the highest turnover in 2020 with a turnover of 29.5 billion euros. This year, Amazon is hiring 5000 new employees in Germany for shipping, marketing, finance.

As a merchant, you can drive your success through excellent Amazon infrastructure. Creating your own seller account is relatively easy. The basic monthly fee for sellers is 39 euros. In addition, there are sales fees of between 8 and 15 percent, depending on the product category. Amazon will take over your advertising campaign or can provide you with the necessary tools.

With the so-called Enhanced Brand Content, you can, for example, diversify your product detail pages and insert additional content such as product texts and images. The approval from Amazon takes 24 to 48 hours. The advantage of this function is that EBC product descriptions positively influence the conversion rate. This value refers to the conversion of visitors to your website into potential customers. According to Amazon, you can increase sales by up to 10% with this tool.

During the Corona crisis, Amazon was able to accommodate its merchants accommodatingly by waiving the fees due for inventory. This applies to the marketplaces in the USA, the UK as well as in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland.

Merchants on Amazon have to meet high standards of quality and customer service. Increasing customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews can lead to the discontinuation of the seller’s activities on the Amazon website.

Amazon SEO

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Content

Amazon SEO

A good placement within the Amazon product search ensures successful sales on Amazon. Marketplacy as an Amazon marketplace SEO agency offers Amazon marketplace optimisation.


  • A+ content
  • Bullet Points
  • Landing page
  • Product images
  • SEO texts
  • Keyword analysis

Amazon Advertising

Amazon PPC advertising provides more reach on the marketplace. Ads help you increase sales.

  • Customers find your product faster. Amazon positions your product at the top so more customers find it and buy it.
  • With Amazon Ads, you pay for clicks on your Sponsored Ad. You always have a better overview of the costs of your PPC (Pay per Click) campaign.
  • With a PPC campaign you reach new customers, therefore more sales. More turnover ensures a better position on organic rankings.

A+ Content by Amazon

Content for your Amazon Pages starting from 99€


  • SEO Title
  • Bullet Points
  • A+ content with images
  • SEO Description

Amazon FBA

With Amazon FBA, Amazon takes care of the storage, packaging and shipping of your goods. Even as a small merchant with a low sales volume, you can achieve a large reach with this. You also benefit from better visibility of your products and can sell on the European marketplaces.

How can you benefit from Fullfilment by Amazon?

After you have registered for a seller account with Amazon, you tell Amazon which products you want to sell. Amazon then automatically assigns which warehouse your products should be shipped to.  You then print out the DHL packing slip provided by Amazon on the seller’s central platform and send your goods to DHL or Hermes. As soon as your shipment has arrived in Amazon’s order centre, you can start selling.

Monthly storage costs at Amazon range from 26 to 36€ and vary depending on the season. Shipping costs depend on the size, weight and storage location of your product. The more weight and the larger the goods, the more expensive shipping becomes. On the other hand, Amazon makes your work much easier and offers high growth opportunities for your trade. You also do not have to worry about communication with customers: Amazon provides competent customer service and handles returns.