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Amazon A+ Content: Advantages and possibilities

For online retail to be successful, it is not enough to simply have a wide and high-quality range of products. Since an online shop works without direct contact, the customer cannot touch, smell or feel the product. Therefore, it is important to provide such information and write product descriptions that answer all the questions of potential buyers.

Today’s e-commerce is growing very fast and is characterised by a variety of online platforms. Among online retailers, Amazon is particularly popular.

Amazon is a highly competitive market with many opportunities. This platform has many tools that allow online sellers to take full advantage for successful growth.

What is A+ Content?

Amazon offers sellers the opportunity to sign up for the Amazon A+ Content programme. If you own brands from Amazon’s Brand Registry or sell through Amazon Launchpad and the Amazon Exclusives programme, access to the basic Amazon A+ content with its five standard modules is free. This programme promises to enhance the product detail page with visual elements and extended marketing content. Amazon A+ Content is a tool that allows you to describe your product features in a whole new way.

This tool allows you to:

  • tell a unique brand story in the product listing
  • include high quality images in the descriptions
  • add more text and information about the products

There is also the option to upgrade to the paid Premium A+ content with seven modules, which allows you to add more content such as interactive reviews, FAQs and videos.

Amazon A+ Content or Enhanced Brand Content expands the content of a listing. This feature allows sellers to communicate more with customers and helps present brand and product information in an engaging way.

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Advantages of A+ Content

The importance of A+ content lies primarily in its ability to increase conversion rates. According to Amazon’s statistics, this number can increase by 3-12%. By adding visually appealing content, customers will be more inclined to buy your product.

Here are some other benefits of adding A+ content to product listings on Amazon:

  • Providing important product information that is not included in the listing
  • Increasing visitor traffic
  • Legitimising the products
  • Opportunity to place shopping and user guides
  • Opportunity to tell a brand story. This contributes to a stronger bond with the customer
  • Boosting SEO optimization. Although Amazon itself does not index A+ content, other search engines such as Google do.

Properly composed A+ content contains enormous potential for online commerce and can help increase sales.
What does Amazon A+ Content include?
A+ Content can include the following types of content, which are displayed in separate places in the Amazon listing:

Extended Product Description

This is a detailed description of the product’s features and uses. Such content complements the markers and images on the main product details page. An extended product description answers all kinds of questions from potential buyers, shows product benefits and encourages them to buy your products. A good product text is like a good salesperson. Creating an extended product description is very important to attract new customers and increase sales.

Special A+ content modules allow you to make product descriptions more visually structured and attractive. They include:

  • Customised headings and paragraph images
  • Unique image and text layouts
  • Tables for product comparison
  • Labeled feature lists (displayed in the Product Description section of the Amazon detail page).

In order to answer possible questions from customers and persuade them to buy your product, it is necessary to supplement the product description with useful information. This information includes:

  • Text description. They should show the visitor product features and its advantages, and provide answers to all his questions.
  • Product parameters. Note dimensions, weight, composition, technical data and anything else the buyer needs to know before buying. It is useful to format the parameters in the item description in a list format.
  • Other useful materials. Depending on the specifics of your products, you can add various diagrams, reviews and video presentations in your product text. All this improves visibility for visitors and has a positive effect on sales.

In addition, one must consider listing optimization requirements to ensure that product descriptions lead to higher visitor numbers and higher sales. For example, the effective creation of detailed product descriptions requires the correct assignment of relevant keywords, consideration of the optimal number of words in the text, sentence structure requirements, media content quality, etc.

Extended product descriptions are tools with great potential to promote products via other channels in omnichannel commerce. However, each platform has its own content specifics. All this requires some knowledge and time resources.

If you want to make your products visible to potential customers with enhanced and effective descriptions and minimise your time expenditure at the same time, use our service to. Our special tool creates optimised product listings not only for online shops, but also for such platforms as eBay.

With our tool, you get visually and content-optimised pages with detailed descriptions of your products, which can have a positive effect on sales.
Brand content familiarises customers with the brand’s history, values and product lines. Such content includes:

  1. Carousel display with full-screen backgrounds on desktop and mobile devices.
  2. Image and text cards
  3. Links to other products and the brand shop

What is important by creating Amazon A+ content

Developing A+ content depends on both your personal preferences as a retailer and your brand. However, it is important to consider more than just the visual aspects. The purpose of writing A+ content is to highlight the features and benefits of your product and present them in a visually appealing way. To ensure that your content contributes to a higher conversion rate, you should provide answers to the following questions from potential customers:

  • What problems your products can solve (benefits)
  • The most important features of your product
  • Guide to purchase
  • Instructions for use or assembly
  • Other product variants
  • Lifestyle images
  • Comparative tables

Once you have uploaded your content, you can submit it for approval. This step usually takes between a few hours and about 2 days. Once the content has been approved by A+, you usually have to wait around 24 hours before it is published.

Tips for the successful creation of A+ content

What should you consider when creating product descriptions on Amazon using A+ content? We offer some guidelines for the effective creation of A+ pages:

Content analysis

Don’t go overboard with the individual modules and sections. Check whether the extended description makes sense in context to promote a positive buying decision among potential buyers.

For example, if your product has a unique feature that gives it an edge over the competition, put that feature at the beginning to highlight it. If there are technical features that the customer needs to know about before buying, make them clear and explicit.

Professional photos in the right dimensions

Amazon, like other online shopping platforms, has its own requirements for the quality of media content. It is not enough to simply take a product photo with your mobile phone and post it in the catalogue. When uploading photos, some special features must be observed. It is not allowed to upload blurred pictures or pictures with watermarks and small text on A+ Content. The size of the photos varies from module to module, but minimum sizes are given. For example, the standard module “Four images and text” accepts photos with a minimum size of 220 x 220 pixels. If you want to stand out from your competitors, you should make sure that you only add high-quality photos to A+ Content. If you are not ready to deal with the intricacies of image creation and uploading, it is best to seek professional help.

Uniqueness of images and text

When compiling A+ content, avoid reusing the same images that are already published in the entry’s image gallery.

Do not oversaturate with textual information

A+ content should increase conversion rates and provide additional product information. Too much text can be poorly understood by potential customers. The advantage of A+ pages is their visual appeal. Therefore, it is important that they are easily digestible and easy to use. Style and font size are also important so that the information is easy to read.

Correct layout of the text description

Grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, spelling errors, capitalisation, incorrect use of fonts or unnecessary or repetitive information can lead to rejection of the content.

Promotional statements and time-sensitive information

Avoid content that refers to promotions (e.g. 20% off this week). It is also best to avoid exaggerated promotional statements such as “This product is the best and cheapest on the market today!”

Do you want awesome A+ content for my products?

Amazon is now a platform with enormous potential for online retail. It offers growth opportunities and tools for successful e-commerce management. Among the important tools currently available is A+ Content. It is a way for online retailers to make themselves known and stand out from the competition. With visually appealing product listings, online retailers can tell potential customers more about their products. A+ content offers a number of benefits. With such a visually appealing description, online retailers can effectively increase conversion rates, attract more visitors and thus increase sales.

Considering the positive impact of product descriptions like A+ content on online trading, we offer to create similar descriptions for your online shop and other online trading platforms like eBay.

If you want to successfully sell your products through other online channels without facing the challenges of online trading, you can benefit from our experience and hire our team to do so.

If you use our service, you will have the following advantages:

  • High quality product descriptions, images and other media content for your e-commerce products
  • Advertising and SEO optimisation for your products
  • Fast creation of landing pages
  • Creation of content for products not only for your online shop, but also for other channels in your online commerce at the same time. We take into account the special features and requirements of each individual marketplace.
  • Designing product texts in many languages. This can help to promote your online trade internationally.
  • Possibility to create high-quality photos separately from the product descriptions, taking into account all the media content requirements of the individual marketplaces to be created.

We offer you our tool for fast and effective creation of high-quality product descriptions that set your online trade apart from the competition and make your products visible.