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How does a product video influence sales?

The profit and success of online commerce depends on a well-crafted marketing strategy. One of the most effective e-commerce marketing tools are product videos.
A good description and nice pictures of the product are good. But not as good as a product video. Videos show a product live and in action. Therefore, they help customers to better understand the benefits and advantages of the goods.

According to recent studies, after watching a video, between 64% and 85% of viewers are inclined to buy the product.
A video product catalogue in e-commerce is therefore not only a great sales accelerator, but also a status element.

Product videos increase sales because:

  • Search engines like websites with videos. Normally, visitors do not go further than the second page of the search results. So it is important that your product appears on the first page of a search, or even better, at the top. Google, for example, puts websites with videos at the top of the search results. Especially if the video is hosted on YouTube. Therefore, a product video is worth the price of admission.
  • People prefer to share videos rather than articles. Watching a video requires neither physical nor mental effort. Even the laziest visitors watch product videos. Videos promote word of mouth. And that is one of the most effective tools for increasing sales. The more people talk about your product, the better it is for your e-commerce.
  • A video clip contains a lot of information. The main advantage of product videos is their ability to convey a large amount of information in a short time. They say more about the goods than text or pictures. Product videos in e-commerce help the customer get a feel for the product.

Videos are an ideal way to showcase your product or service offering. They can help you stand out from the competition and thus increase sales.

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How to create successful product videos?

Before you start filming, you need to analize the target audience and determine the topic of the video. There are many scenarios for this. However, a strong-selling product video should always be based on the benefits for the customers.

Let’s look at five universal scenarios on how to create successful product videos:

Reproduction of product features

Overview of product features works well, especially if your goods are superior to similar items from other suppliers. In such a product video, you should not dryly list the specifications of the product. The key is to explain the benefits of these features and functions in a way that the customer understands. This means using simple language and focusing on the benefits of the product.


This scenario of product videos in e-commerce is suitable for technically complex goods or products that you have to install or configure. In your video, show the correct and efficient use of the product. The customer should not have to worry about configuring and installing the item and should not have to search for instructions. When creating such product videos, you can use technical terms, but you must explain them in simple language.

Tips for selection

These videos help to choose the right product in the marketplace. By creating such product videos, you compare a number of similar products and thus show what they are best suited for. Such product videos in e-commerce not only increase the conversion rate but also reduce the number of returns: Your advice ensures that customers choose the right product for them.

Video tutorials

You can also create your product videos in the form of tutorials. For example, if you sell building materials on the online marketplace, make some video tutorials on how to fix a flat.

A simple video about the product in general

A simple overview video in e-commerce also works. Show the product from all sides, hold it in your hands. If you sell services, create a product video that shows your potential customers how they work. Even a short gif animation will help buyers see the size, shape and features of the item.

A good product video can create a positive representation of your product in the minds of customers, increasing their desire to buy.

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