Fulfilment is a practical solution for many shop operators who want to have satisfied customers. The service includes all services associated with the delivery of goods to end customers and are necessary for handling the order.

You can devote more time to further develop your online shop by commissioning a fulfillment service provider with necessary logistic tasks.

Benefits of Fulfillment

  • Fulfillment ensures a high level of сustomer service and releases you  from a series of complicated tasks.
  • Depending on the season, the number of orders can be subject to large fluctuations. Fulfillment service provider also ensures the same quality in peak times.
  • The cost of the service varies depending on order volume. There are tailor-made packages for small and large online shops.
  • With successfully performed fulfillment, you can reduce costs significantly and strengthen your brand.
  • Fulfillment offers many additional services such as customer service for inquiries, packaging according to special specifications or marketing actions, thus contributing to higher customer satisfaction.

What services offers our fulfillment for online stores?

Integration with sales platforms

Our warehouse management system is connected to all important online marketplaces, so that all orders are processed quickly and smoothly.


We carefully store your products before being shipped. You do not need to rent your own camp. In addition, we offer the transport of goods to our logistics centers.


We take over the packaging, franking of goods and shipping to end customers. Your products can be shipped to the customer on the same day, creating a positive customer experience in your online shop.

International expansion

If you want to expand your sales on foreign markets, our experienced employees ensure the technical settlement from the order and provide optimal solutions.

Return management

If your customer returns the order, the return will be processed immediately, stored again and the inventory updated.

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