Product description SEO

Professional product descriptions are one of the most important sales tools in an online shop.

Product descriptions for your onlineshop

A sales-boosting product description should not only provide information about the characteristics and functions of the product, but also answer the main questions of the customer as completely as possible, explain the added value and create sales incentives. A well-formulated product description contains relevant keywords that increase your target group and bring customers to your website.

Benefits of product description

In a stationary store, the seller helps the customer choose the right product, describes its advantages and offers related products. In online shops, this role is taken on by a thorough product description, which is intended to answer all customer questions and help with the purchase decision.

Visibility on the web

With quality content on the website, your online store will rank higher in search engines than your competitors. If there is no content in your online shop, Google has fewer clues to classify your product page and direct visitors to the website.

Increase in sales

For online shops with a wide range of products, meaningful and honest product descriptions become a sales engine. By conveying all the important product characteristics and leaving no questions about the product unanswered, you can also significantly reduce the return rate.

What should you pay attention to when creating a product description?

An effective product description should contain all the important information, namely:

  • Convey the basic information about the product. These are color, dimensions, material etc.
  • Explain what sets the product apart from others, what user problem it can solve, what benefits it offers.
  • Respond to typical user questions about size, guarantee, refund policy.

Besides, the text should be designed in such a way that visitors perceive essential information better.

The length of your product description should be adapted to the specific product. It is often the case that a good product text should be short and concise – around 200-300 words. For some products the description can be much longer. Especially with more expensive products, potential customers prefer to be informed about all the details, so in this case you should provide the reader with as much useful content as possible.

Since e-commerce today is not just limited to an online shop, but takes place via many sales platforms such as Amazon, Otto, Kaufland, iKOOF or eBay, several unique product descriptions are usually required for a product.

If you want to fill up your online shop with good content, but the text writing seems too complicated for you, you can benefit from our experience and entrust our team with it.

How do we create product descriptions?

  • We get familiar with the subject, evaluate the expectations of the target group and analyze the offers of the competitors.
  • …describe all characteristics the client might be interested in and focus on the advantages and customer  benefits.
  • …consider numbers, facts, statistics. We convince the customer and refute possible objections.
  • …determine relevant keywords and integrate them seamlessly into the product descriptions.
  • …design the text for better readability.

Category descriptions for your onlineshop

Category descriptions are an essential part of a good online store. If you have more than one specific group of products to offer, category text is most suitable  for classifying and describing the different types of products in your online store. When placed correctly, category texts ensure more traffic, clicks and purchases.

Good category description should encourage customers to get familiar with individual product descriptions. Therefore, you have to make sure that the category description contains meaningful information.

Benefits of category descriptions

Overview of your assortment

With category descriptions, customers can get an overview of the products offered and understand what options are available to them. The larger the selection of products in your online shop, the more important category descriptions become. A clear structure makes it possible for customers to find the desired products.

Advice and persuasion

Category texts focus on informing potential customers and convincing them to make a purchase. This can be done in a number of ways. As a rule, category descriptions should emphasize the advantages and customer benefits of the products and thus drive the customer to make a purchase on your website.

Higher Conversions

Carefully optimized category texts increase the visibility of your online shop on Google. By identifying keywords of your target group and placing them correctly in the text, you can improve the search engine ranking of your online shop.

What should you pay attention to when creating category descriptions?

A correct category text should answer the following questions:

  • What can the offered products do?
  • For whom are the products listed best?
  • What alternatives are there?
  • How are the products made and where do they come from?

Make sure your text is long enough to include all of the information your customers need. The text length depends on several points. Some product categories require complex explanations of 1000 to 1500 words. Products that require less explanation can be provided with short category descriptions. It is important to determine the relevant search terms and insert them сorrectly into the text.

Take into account this important tool for optimizing your online shop, because well-written and informative category texts ensure that the visitor stays longer on your website and ultimately decides to make a purchase.

Let our experts create your category texts. With the professional category and product descriptions, we help you to implement a well thought-out marketing strategy. Experienced editors write unique texts that arouse interest in your product among customers.

How do we create category descriptions?


We determine the right keywords and cleverly integrate them into the texts so that your online shop can easily be found by search engines.

Analysis of the target group

We analyze which visitors are interested in your products, their expectations and frequently asked questions, and create the category text optimized for the relevant target group.


We consider relevant keywords and analysis data of the target group and create reader-friendly category descriptions. Our experts are familiar with different writing methods, be it emotional or purely informative category texts.

As a result, you get a well-structured and informative online shop that ranks high and looks diversified.