Product images

  • Why is visual content so important for e-commerce?
  • General requirements for product images in e-commerce
  • Tips for creating strong selling product images

Why is visual content so important for e-commerce?

In online commerce, people buy “with their eyes”. Photos are the first thing a potential customer uses to judge a product: He cannot touch it, try it on, smell it, but only look at it from the pictures. However, product images mean much more than just a shop window. They are an important element in the entire buying process, because:

  1. Product images have a direct influence on sales. According to recent surveys, the visual presentation of an item is a decisive purchase criterion for 93% of online shoppers. High-quality and non-trivial visuals help the customer choose your goods from a list of similar products.
  2. Before buying, it is important to get an idea of all the parameters of the product: colour, size, texture, etc.
  3. Photos can convey the functionality of goods better than text descriptions. When the customer sees the product in use, he can “try it on” faster and more accurately and make a purchase decision in his favour.
  4. Good product images are an indicator of a seller’s image. Poor photo material reduces trust and brand loyalty.

Well-prepared visuals increase the value of a product in the eyes of the consumer, influence his or her purchase decision and increase the customer’s loyalty towards the competition.

General requirements for product images in e-commerce

When creating product images in e-commerce, it is important to be familiar with the rules of the respective marketplace and specifics when selling different categories of goods.

Requirements for product images can differ depending on the online trading platform, but there are also general rules:

  1. The marketplaces do not accept amateur photos of poor quality, with poor colour rendering, rough editing, poor lighting, etc.
  2. In the marketplaces, the appearance of the product in the picture is important: no dirt, dust, scratches, reflections, wrong angle and bad light.
  3. Special requirements are placed on the backgrounds of the photos, as they make up the visual clarity of the website.
  4. Marketplaces are committed to uniform rules for fair competition. Therefore, it is not acceptable to promote a product through pretentious captions such as “best”, “number 1 in the world”, “top”, etc.
  5. Marketplaces ensure that goods in the photo match the name and description exactly. It is not possible to take a high quality photo of one product in a range and extend that photo to similar products, e.g. a different shape, size, quantity or colour.

Tips for creating strong-selling product images

Competition in e-commerce is fierce. Product images in your online shop or on a marketplace are essential for increasing sales. The photos you choose to showcase your goods help increase sales.

However, creating strong-selling product images requires certain knowledge and can present some challenges.

When creating visual content for your products, it is first and foremost important to be guided by the concept. This will give the product images a consistent and distinctive design that also reflects the overall style of your shop or brand. Research on the internet, advice from colleagues, friends and opinions from customers can help you decide on the overall concept of your visual content.

What else should you look out for to make your products look strong and competitive with the help of images?

Our tips for creating high-quality visual content are:

  • Correct lighting: Test different light positions. A darkened room with photo lamps is ideal. This will give you constant light. When choosing the number of light sources, you should be guided by the size of the room.
  • Product position: Also check the different viewing angles. Test different possibilities. Not only the viewing angle is important, but also the right position. This way you can later also shoot other products from this good position.
  • Equipment: Modern technology makes it possible to buy an inexpensive camera, even if it is not a professional camera, and use it to take quite high-quality photos for products.  It is important to understand the technical settings and to be able to operate the camera properly. For saleable product pictures, a suitable background (e.g. a white canvas), a tripod and some photo lamps are also important.

There are other factors to consider when creating visual content. However, they must always be oriented towards the article itself. The focus should always be on the product itself, not on the model, décor, etc.

High-quality product images are an important sales tool. If you want to take advantage of its benefits without having to deal with its creation, use our service.