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Without knowing how to code. Now with AI!

Ecommerce website builder

Build your online store and use it for free. Save time creating rich content for your products. Discover how product rich content can significantly boost your sales growth

Online Store

Build and launch your online store. No transaction fees. Start now for free.


Buy widget

Integrate our product widget into your website, social media and any other space.


Rich Content

Create detailed product description with images and text for ebay, shopify or online store.


AI tool for easy create product descriptions

Boost your sales by creating appealing product descriptions with pictures and text. Use the built-in AI tool for quick and efficient description creation. Then, easily add this engaging content to your online shop, eBay, and other marketplaces. APIs make the process more comfortable.


Marketplacy vs Shopify


Monthly fee from 29€
Transaktion fee
No widget
Simple product description
No Multilingual support
Self content creation


starting from 5€
NO transaction fee
“Buy widget” build-in
Rich content for product description
Multilingual shop build-in
Tarifs with content creation
Store outsourcing plans
AI for product description
Automatisation over Make & Zapier (Beta)
Shop, rich content and buy widget

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