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We register you on marketplaces, create the product pages and prepare the goods for shipping, organise the advertising and sale of your products.

Sell more, spend less time

More than 300 marketplaces

Kaufland, Otto, iKOOF, eBay, Amazon, darty, CDiscount, manomano and other marketplaces


We pay attention to the quality specifications of the marketplaces. Track listings, marketing activities and KPIs.


Identify optimisation potential and react to competition.


For an online shop to be successful, it is not enough just to have a wide and high-quality range of products. Since an online shop works without direct contact, the customer cannot touch, smell or feel the product. Therefore, it is important to provide such information and write product descriptions that answer all the questions of potential buyers.

1 Productlisting ➔

We create Onlineshops on European marketplaces. We create and optimize ecommerce product pages on Kaufland, Otto, iKOOF, eBay, Amazon, CDiscount, manomano and other marketplaces. Omnichannel Service

2 Marketing ➔

We create and analyze an effective advertising campaign for your target audience.

3 Controlling

After Sale Service: Monitoring customer feedback for product optimisation.
Feedback management
Quality control and product emprovement based on customers feedback


Start selling your products in all European countries. Just upload CSV product file with your products and order listing over Eeupean channels.


Online buyers are focusing on media content for your product. Make better content for better performance and reach more interaction for your product.

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