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  • AI for product description
  • Online store
  • Template blocks
  • Rich content for product pages
  • Order management
  • easy WYSIWYG Editor
  • Save blocks to template
  • Product pictures easy upload
  • No payment fees
  • Free 14 days demo
  • No code knowledge require
  • Open API
  • Best solution for Omnichannel
  • Ready Online store Designs
  • Order content

Creating product description with AI

Create product descriptions for your online store and product page simultaneously. Accelerate your workflow with AI. Use multiple blocks in your description to showcase all the features of your product. Save these blocks as templates to streamline the process of creating new products and save time.

Organising images for online shops

Organising or automatically replacing images in a central location simplifies the management and updating of visual content in the online shop. Structured management makes it easy to find and update images, facilitating maintenance and ensuring a consistent look and feel.

Template blocks for product page

Provide your customers with more details about the product. Marketplacy assists you in creating product descriptions faster by using block templates. Begin by creating your first product with added details and save some of the created blocks as templates. Utilize the saved template for subsequent products.


With Marketplacy, you can create landing pages for various products and online stores. Choose from ready-made designs or customize with your own corporate branding for all your product descriptions.


The API enables the successful export of product descriptions to external CMS or PIM systems. By integrating the API, product information can be exchanged seamlessly and efficiently between different platforms. This facilitates the management of product information and ensures that all external systems are always up to date.

Order content

Order content for your products with ease. In addition to images and videos, you can also order A+ content and offer templates to optimise your product presentation. With our service, you receive high-quality content that presents your products in the best possible way and strengthens your brand image.

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