Netto listing optimization

Netto Marken-Discount (also known simply as Netto, formerly Plus) is a German discount supermarket chain, part of the Edeka Group, operating mainly in southern and western Germany. In 2004, the company reached its 1000th shop, then expanded to its 4000th shop in 2009, making it one of the largest discount shops in Germany.
Today, Netto is actively developing in the field of online commerce, which led to the establishment of Nes GmbH.
Nes GmbH is an e-commerce platform of Netto Markendiscount AG & Co. KG. is operated by NeS GmbH. This is an online shop with nationwide sales and 3 million visitors per month. Net e-commerce sales are generated almost exclusively in Germany. In terms of product range, is a one-stop online shop offering products from various categories such as “food and personal care products”, “furniture and household goods” and “toys, hobbies and DIY”. The online shop was opened in 2013.
In addition to the Netto eStore, Nes GmbH also operates the Plus Shop and the garden shops and