Marketplaces listing optimization

The e-commerce merchant market is gaining momentum like no other industry in Germany, but smaller online shops don’t seem to be getting much out of it. This is because most traders and customers concentrate on a few trading platforms.
It is impossible to imagine e-commerce trade without them, because they are constantly available to everyone and offer an extensive range of products. However, there is a wide choice among the platforms and which ones support their sales best is up to each person to decide.
The clear multichannel stars on the German retail landscape are Amazon and Ebay. Away from the big players, such German online marketplaces as Kaufland and OTTO are coming to the fore. We look at each multichannel provider and what benefits they can bring to your retail business.

Online marketplaces are among the most important sales channels on the internet. With the help of a marketplace connection, online retailers increase the reach of their products far beyond the boundaries of their online shops and their stationary sales channels. In addition to large global players such as Amazon or eBay, marketplaces such as Kaufland or Otto act as sales drivers in German-speaking countries. Which marketplace is the right one for you depends not only on your strategy. The platforms’ offers to traders also differ significantly. It is important to test different marketplaces with regard to their suitability for your own sales strategy.

Listing optimization for marketplaces

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