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  1. What is Amazon SEO

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In the modern world of online commerce, such words as Amazon and Amazon SEO are on everyone’s lips. As is well known, Amazon is the largest and most successful marketplace today. The service is known all over the world as a safe online retailer and has many users. However, this also means high competition among the sellers of this online marketplace. How can you attract more potential customers under these circumstances? One of the best ways to do this is to rank high in Amazon’s search results. This requires knowledge and understanding of Amazon ranking optimisation.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is the process of optimising your product listings. The goal is to reach the top of Amazon search results for all relevant keywords.

Amazon users search for a specific product in order to buy it. This search is done by keywords for relevant goods. Potential customers usually only look through the first results of Amazon product descriptions. So the higher your product ranks, the more you can sell. Amazon SEO is therefore extremely important for a product seller to be at the top of the search results.

Amazon SEO algorithm

For a successful Amazon SEO strategy, it is important to understand the principle according to which an Amazon ranking works.

The ranking of products on Amazon is determined by an algorithm called “A9”. With the help of this algorithm, customers can find the right products as easily and quickly as possible. In doing so, “A9” determines the ranking of all Amazon product descriptions according to various factors. The most important of these are:

  • Purchase probability. Relevant here for Amazon are the customers who click on an item in its search list and then buy it. Goods with high sales figures are important for Amazon SEO. Amazon takes into account the number of recent sales. This characteristic plays a significant role in the placement of your goods in the ranking list. The more you have had short-term sales of a particular product, the higher its search ranking.
  • Page content. For high rankings, it is important to use product keywords according to Amazon’s seo rules. With the help of keywords, the A9 algorithm understands which products you sell. Then they are shown to the right customers. Optimised Amazon keywords mean increased sales and a high ranking.

These two Amazon SEO factors work together. The more sales a product has for a particular search term, the higher its ranking. The top sales page can be achieved by optimising Amazon ranking.

Amazon Listing Optimisation

Amazon SEO effectively increases both click ranking in search results and conversion coefficient on the product page and sales. Features such as product images, reviews, Amazon listing optimisation and others are very important. Amazon SEO uses these elements in such a way that your products rank first for every relevant search query.

For effective Amazon listing optimisation, the following factors should be considered:

Keywords. Thanks to them, a product can appear in search results. Your Amazon product description should contain relevant keywords so that a buyer can find your product. That is why it is so important to compile the right list of Amazon keywords and optimise them.

Optimise the product name. This is the first thing customers notice in search results. The headline for Amazon SEO should contain important information and benefits.

In the mobile view, Amazon only displays about 70 characters. It is therefore important to adjust keywords and important information to this extent and better at the beginning.

Attributes. To optimise Amazon listings, describe the most important features and benefits of the product in keywords. Avoid repeating, copying and pasting content and unnecessary data. In bulleted lists, always link the features to the benefits for the customer.

Amazon product description is an important part. It may not appear at the top like headers and bulleted lists. But customers see the Amazon product description to get more detailed information about the product.

Do not simply copy information from bulleted lists here. Provide as much additional information about the product as possible. The Amazon product description should be clear, easy to read and structured.

Product image is an important part of the Amazon SEO strategy. It appears on the search page immediately after the title. Customers trust more Amazon product descriptions with real, visible quality images.

Product ranking and reviews. A9 checks sales and reviews before a product appears on the results page.

You can ask your customers for feedback on your product page. Good reviews contribute to better Amazon listing optimisation.

SEO is an essential part of any development strategy. This also applies to the popular Amazon Marketplace. High rankings and high sales figures require continuous optimisation. The right Amazon SEO strategy helps you as a seller achieve the top of Amazon rankings!

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