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Today’s customers not only have high demands on the quality of the product itself, but also on the content level. Regardless of whether you own a small online shop or sell on large marketplaces, it is important to provide your visitors with high-quality and competitive product information in your product template. It is important to use such content for the offer that can answer all possible questions of your customers.
Such marketing tool as a sales-strong product template allows to show your products from all sides and make prospects buy.
A good product template is like a good salesman. In an ordinary shop, a customer service representative helps us to get to know the product, advises us on models, colours, etc. In an online shop, product texts take over this function. When a customer buys something in an internet shop, he cannot touch it, smell it, turn it in his hands, try it out and experience it. To compensate for this, you need to provide him with all the information about the product. The purpose of a product template is to inform potential customers comprehensively about the product, its features and benefits so that they want to buy it.

A good product template is an aptly designed information section in the form of text plus a visual component in the form of images or photos. What should you look for when writing a sales-promoting product template?
Basics of good product text include:

Length and readability of the product template: to attract potential customers, describe your goods simply, informatively and concisely. The number of words depends on the product. Sometimes it is worthwhile to rely on the power of images instead of a detailed product template.
Relevance of your product text: It is important to show the advantages of your product over the competition and provide the customer with the sales-relevant information they are looking for. Prospects are not looking for goods, they are looking for solutions. How can your product be useful to them and make their lives easier or more beautiful? Design your product template so that your potential customers find all the solutions in your product text and become your buyers.
SEO optimisation of the product template: This is an important ranking factor. Don’t forget the be-all and end-all of SEO optimisation: relevant keywords. Distribute well both in the product text and in headlines. But don’t overdo it! Prioritise an easy-to-read product template for customers.

Some tips for good text composition:

Important information comes at the beginning;
You also place relevant words at the beginning of the line;
In lists, stronger arguments come at the beginning and at the end, so place weaker arguments in the middle.

Other aspects when writing the product text:

Pay attention to the reader-friendly layout of your article description: for example, highlighting main features and important advantages of the product in the form of bulleted lists is better for perception than very long sentences. Also, don’t forget to make headings, paragraphs in your product tempalte and to mark important terms in bold.

Make sure that the content provided is true. Matching the product template with reality helps to avoid negative feedback and has a positive impact on the reputation of the company and the brand.

The more information you provide in the item description, the fewer questions customers will have about the product. This also saves you time for possible clarifications.

In order to appeal to your customers, your product template must contain a visual component in addition to the actual product text with key features and benefits. A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words and can say a lot about a product. A good photo or video in an item description provides visibility and emotional colouring. A professionally designed offer template with high-quality product images, animations or product videos can help to attract the attention of users. Visual elements should evoke emotions in your site visitors and enliven product information. You are not only selling useful information, but also emotions. It is a good idea to add several photos from different angles to complete the picture.
When creating the visual part of the item description, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the product images provided. If you are not able to take high-quality photos with all the details, it is better to seek professional help. In addition, it should be noted that each online platform and marketplace has different requirements for the size and quality of the product images.

Creating a sales-promoting product template is not an easy task, but it is worth it. An online shop with product texts not only looks more harmonious and visually appealing. A sales-boosting product template offers a number of advantages:

More views and more potential buyers: A well-worded product template attracts visitors who then become paying customers.
A higher ranking in search engines: Thanks to a sales-boosting item description with relevant terms, users will find your website more quickly in a search engine query. And this in turn improves the positioning of the website.
Incentive to buy: A clear and complete product text can convince even a hesitant customer who does not know exactly what to buy and where to buy it. Even if your competitors have similar products, a good product template can be decisive in selecting your shop and thus becoming your customers.
Customer loyalty: The more transparent and complete the information in your item description (product features, material, price, payment and delivery options, etc…), the more trust visitors will have in your online shop. He will not go to a competitor, but will return to you again and again. Perhaps he will also recommend your online shop to his friends.
Good reputation and good reviews: A satisfied customer writes good reviews and will also recommend your online shop to his friends and acquaintances.
Saving time: A well-written product template certainly requires some effort, cost and resources. But in the future it will save time, both for you and for your visitors. Customers will not wander around the website to find answers to their questions about the product. Therefore, it is important to provide all the information about the product at once to the prospective customers in the item description.
Avoiding unwanted questions: If, for example, the price of your product is higher than that of a similar item at a competitor, a correct product template can justify this. You then do not have to explain and convince yourself for a long time in the chat why the customer should buy the same product from you in particular.

All the advantages are interlinked and lead to the main goal of increasing sales.

A good product tempalte promotes sales. It helps to increase conversion rates. A sales-boosting product template offers customers all relevant information about a product in an attractive and understandable form. The better you structure your product text, the greater the interest of your visitors.
A well thought-out and sensible structure of the product template enables a customer-friendly design. How is a sales-promoting product template structured?
The most important components of a good product text include:
1. title with the full product name;
2. composition of the item: relevant information such as dimensions, size, material, etc.;
3. distinguishing features of the product: provide the following information here:

What makes your product special?
What problems it can solve?
How is the product used properly? What can it be combined with?

4. other important information that might interest your potential customers;
5. care instructions and precautions;
6. visual content about the product: product images and product videos
7. customer reviews, awards.

When creating any product template, however, do not forget the most important thing: the focus should always be on the benefit for the customer. The visitor makes a buying decision by discovering benefits for himself in the product text.

The best product template is the one that inspires people to buy. To do this, your product text must be unique.
The perfect product template is able to appeal to the imagination and emotions of the target group. With the help of your best product template, you can convey information about the product in such a way that it is interesting and understandable for a certain group of customers.

The following tips can help make your product template perfect:

Focus on your ideal customer

If you create a product template that is intended for a broad mass, it will not be aimed at anyone and will not be convincing.
Imagine a specific person from your target group and think about what a face-to-face conversation would be like in an offline shop. Use this “language” in your product tempalte so that your conversation with the online customer looks more like a real communication situation.

Write an easy-to-read product tempalte

Write customer-friendly product text to engage your target audience. And this is made easier by:

clear headings that stand out;
easy-to-read symbols in unmarked lists;
larger font size for better readability.
Avoid unnecessary information and show the benefits

It is best not to use phrases like “premium product”, “wide colour range” or similar in your product tempalete.
As soon as your potential customer sees these phrases, he immediately thinks: “Yeah, sure, they all say that”. And that is the moment when your item description becomes less convincing. Instead, be specific and answer the question: What makes your product great? Potential customers want to know what features of your product can be useful for them. This is why it is so important to highlight the benefits of each product feature in the product text. Don’t sell the product, sell the experience. Answering the following questions in the item description can help you articulate the benefits:

How can your product make customers happier, healthier and more productive?
What problems can your visitors solve thanks to your goods?
Appeal to customers’ feelings and imagination in your product template

Holding a product in your hands increases the desire to buy it. This is not possible with online purchases. Instead, there are other tools: high-quality visual content, but also the product text. Such words as “Imagine…” can influence the imagination and feelings of your potential customers. This way, visitors can immediately imagine how nice it is to own your product.

Create social acceptance

Reviews contribute to a better product template. If your potential customers cannot determine for themselves which product they need, they will go through a list of all similar offers. In such cases, the items with the most positive reviews in the product template are often the first candidates for purchase.

A good product template is important for every online platform. The Amazon marketplace is no exception. A product text on Amazon is crucial for the Amazon listing and has an influence on the ranking in Google search results.
What can make a good product template on Amazon?
When writing a product text on Amazon, as with any other platform, you need to be guided by the benefits to the customer: What information does the customer need to see the benefits of the product?
The Amazon product template on includes:

Unique selling points of the article;
Relevant product details;
Answers to possible questions from customers.

You offer all these components of your product template on Amazon in a concise and understandable language.

A tool called A+ Content is available to registered traders for creating an Amazon product template. This allows you to include graphics and product images in the description in addition to the usual advertising text. With this Amazon product template option, merchants can present their products and brand in more detail and visually in the form of storytelling approaches. The advantage of A+ content is the larger space for a product template. The ability to add images to your Amazon product template can help to evoke emotions in your potential customers. This can positively influence the buying decision. A+ Content allows you to design your Amazon product template with different designs, which can help you stand out from your competitors.

A good product template can influence many factors, including:

Potential customers’ interest;
Need for your product;
Purchase decision.

There are many aspects that should be considered when creating a good product text. You need certain knowledge and time to create a strong selling product template. If you want to use such an important tool as a good product template to attract potential customers and increase sales, you can go 2 ways:

Write product text yourself
Use the services of professionals.

We offer you our service, which saves you time and enables you to quickly write a sales-promoting product template for various online marketplaces.
Here you can find an example of our product text for the online marketplace Amazon:

In online retailing, the main performance indicator – profit – depends on the product offering. That’s why you have to be able to manage it well.
Such an important tool as product management can help you create and maintain a relevant offer for your target group.

The main objectives of product management are:

Satisfying customer demand;
Maximising profits.

The management process consists of several phases:

Market research and consumer research.
Determination of product requirements.
Organisation and design of the product range.
Creation of product templates.
Management of minimum stocks for different goods.
Procurement planning (taking into account items that are no longer in demand and adding items with high profit margins).
Regular optimisation of product templates.
Packaging, maintenance and others.

Product management is an ongoing process that requires certain knowledge. This allows you to create a product range with a high potential of increasing profit. Entrust this process to competent staff who have a good understanding of marketing.

However, there are a number of tasks in product management that you can automate using special software.

Our service offers a special tool that allows you to organise articles in one place. This allows you to create your products and product templates easily and quickly. Our tool facilitates your product management and thus saves you time and financial resources.

A professional product template also includes an instruction manual. Such an additional part has a customer-friendly effect. By offering your potential customers instructions on how to use the product, you gain credibility in their eyes and can stand out from your competitors. It can also save you time in answering customer questions about the use of the product.

Whether or not you include an instruction manual in your product template depends on the products you sell. However, there are a number of goods for which instructions for use are mandatory. These products include:

those that require an explanation of use,
those that require instructions for correct installation or additions,
those that may endanger the health and safety of your customers if used improperly.

If you need user information for your products but lack the time and resources to write it, use our service. Contact us and we will help you create user manuals that are customer-friendly and understandable for every user.

Product specifications are an indispensable part of the product template. For example, you cannot sell many products without technical parameters because they are relevant to these goods: Smartphones, electrical appliances and others. The most important components in the product template for such goods are precisely the technical features. Customers already know how much they benefit from a washing machine or a hoover, for example. They need features on the basis of which they can compare models.

Technical specifications offer your product template the following advantages:

They give a brief overview of the product and its special features.
It is often the technical information that gives your product an advantage over your competitors’ goods.

So how can you make the technical product template as attractive as possible for your potential customers? We have prepared some tips for you:

The most important technical data: It is not necessary to include all features. Only include those where the customer is looking for differences in a particular product and which show the advantages of your product in particular. The number of features in a technical product template depends on the type of item. If you are selling a new product, you can look at what technical specifications other traders give.
Easy-to-understand language: Even a technical product template should be written in clear and understandable language to appeal to a wider audience.
Grouping of technical features: When a user sees a flood of technical data in a product template, even in a table, it seems very difficult or even impossible to find the most important information. The customer is forced to spend time searching and selecting the data relevant to the decision instead of choosing a product. Groupings and subheadings in the technical product template make it much easier to study the specifications. Users need much less time for exploration, and the exploration itself becomes more efficient.
Customer-friendly design: It is always easier to read and compare a product and its features in some points. The graphic design of the technical product template in the form of bulleted lists, a table of features with visually highlighted lines is therefore much easier and clearer for the user.

If you would like to use such an effective marketing tool as a sales-boosting product template, but are in doubt as to where to start or simply need help with text creation, use our service.
Our tool makes it easy and enables you to

simultaneous creation of product templates for all platforms
easy generation of new product pages
optimisation for mobile devices and different browsers
easy editing with a WYSIWYG editor
reusable templates for new product texts
add your items with a few clicks
update lists as needed

You can also take advantage of the following additional services offered by Our Service:

SEO product templates
A+ content
Product images
User manuals for product
Product videos for e-commerce

Save your time and use our service! Thanks to our sales-promoting product templates, you can increase your conversion rate and stand out from your competitors.
Contact us and we will create apt product templates for you, which can help to turn your visitors into your loyal customers.

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