CDiscount listing optimization

Cdiscount is the second largest marketplace in France after Amazon. Cdiscount is one of the largest and best-known e-commerce sites in France. The marketplace was founded in 1998 and started as an online shop for technology and consumer goods. Today, Cdiscount has 12,000 merchants and almost 9 million active customers. More than 63 million product card pages are accessed by 20 million people every month. Sellers pay €39.99 per month plus a sales commission that depends on the type of goods sold (5% or more). The commission is charged on the total amount of the transaction, including delivery.
Cdiscount actively recruits and supports foreign suppliers to expand the product range and compete on price with existing suppliers.
Cdiscount accepts applications from professional sellers with a valid VAT number. Prior approval is required and can be obtained by email or by completing the online form.
Cdiscount reserves the right to approve or reject an application at its sole discretion and the specific reasons for approval will remain confidential. The account is activated upon registration as a professional seller.
Cdiscount requires sellers to provide email customer support in French, but you can do so through a third-party service. French language telephone support is not required.
To return an item, sellers must provide a return address in France and either offer a prepaid shipping label or cover the cost of an international return.
If your products appeal to French customers but are not readily available in France, or if you can offer better prices than local retailers, Cdiscount is the ideal place to expand your sales channels.