eBay listing optimization

Like Amazon, the second largest marketplace in Germany also originates from the USA. In Germany alone, eBay has 16.5 million active buyers. It is noticeable that not only new products are sold on eBay, but also second-hand goods or B-goods. As a trader, you can also choose between a fixed price or selling by auction, which further distinguishes online trading on eBay.
Unlike Amazon, eBay offers its merchants worldwide product sales, which is particularly appreciated by commercial sellers.
When you want to set up your seller account, you can choose from three different shop variants:
The Basic Shop is best suited for beginners with small sales volumes. For 39.95 euros, you can post a
maximum of 400 fixed-price offers and 40 auctions per month without an offer fee.
If you’re committed to eBay for the long term and want to grow your business, you can purchase the Top
Shop subscription. The Top Shop allows you up to 2,500 fixed price listings per month. The fee costs 79.95
For professional traders with high sales volumes, the Premium Shop is the right option for trading on eBay.
The monthly fixed costs are 299.95 EUR. In return, you can sell an unlimited number of items and post 250 auctions free of charge.
As with Amazon, a sales commission of between 5-12% is also paid for each product sold. eBay does not offer a shipping process like Amazon. Therefore, you need to make sure that orders are completed and shipped to the customer. You can take care of this yourself or hire a third party to do it for you. However, this involves additional costs.