Extended product description

  1. What is the purpose of a product description
  2. What are the advantages of an item description?
  3. Components of an extended product description
  4. Tips for an effective product description

For an online shop to be successful, it is not enough just to have a wide and high-quality range of products. Since an online shop works without direct contact, the customer cannot touch, smell or feel the product. Therefore, it is important to provide such information and write product descriptions that answer all the questions of potential buyers.

What is the purpose of a product description?

Many underestimate the importance of a product description and believe that no one reads text on the item page. A colourful picture is the key to a successful sale, they say. According to this view, photos, prices and product features are enough for the buyer to make a decision. Of course, high-quality photos and images influence our choice. As in life, appearance is an important factor that attracts and “arrives”. But it is only one element in the system of a complete, successful SEO product description. When something has “captured” us visually, we want to know more about it and find out more information.

The complete product description plays an important role here. It helps not to lose the interest of a potential customer. A detailed description gives the buyer all the answers, shows him product advantages and encourages him to buy from your online shop. If you limit yourself to a visual part, the potential customer will leave you with nothing. He did not get what he was looking for – answers to all his questions about the product. You, as the seller, have not achieved your goal either – the customer did not click on “buy”.

A good product text is like a good salesperson. In an ordinary shop, the salesperson helps us to get to know the product, advises us on models, colours, etc. In an online shop, the product description takes over this function. When a customer buys something in an internet shop, he cannot touch it, smell it, turn it in his hands, try it out and experience it. To compensate for this, you have to provide him with information about the product. And do it in such a way that when he reads the description, he imagines this product “in all its glory”, experiences it in 3D or even in 5D. The purpose of a product description is to inform potential customers comprehensively about the product, its features and benefits, so that they want to buy it.

What are the advantages of an item description?

Creating an eye-catching item description is not an easy task, but it is worth it. An online shop with product texts not only looks more harmonious and visually appealing. Well-formulated descriptions offer a number of advantages. If you as an online shop owner limit yourself to just a photo and a short product description, you could miss out. The most important advantages of an effective item description include:

  • More views and more potential buyers. A good product description attracts visitors who then become paying customers.
  • A higher ranking in search engines. Thanks to a well-worded description with relevant terms, users will find your website more quickly in a search engine query. And this in turn improves the positioning of the website.
  • Incentive to buy. Clear and complete item descriptions can convince even a hesitant customer who does not know exactly what to buy and where to buy it.
  • Customer loyalty. The more transparent and complete the information is about product features, material, price, payment and delivery options, etc., the more trust the customer has in your online shop. He will not go to a competitor, but will return to you again and again. Perhaps he will also recommend your online shop to his friends.
  • Good reputation and good reviews. A satisfied customer writes good reviews and will also recommend your online shop to his friends and acquaintances.
  • Time saving. Certainly, a well-written product description requires some effort, cost and resources. But in the future it will save time, both for you, the owner of the online shop, and for your customers. The customer will not wander around the website to find answers to his questions about the product. Therefore, it is important to provide the potential buyer with all the information about the product at once.
  • Avoid unwanted questions. For example, if the price of your product is higher than that of a similar item at a competitor, a correct product description can justify this. You then do not have to explain and convince at length in the chat why the customer should buy the same product from you in particular.

All benefits are interlinked and lead to the main goal of increasing sales.

Components of an extended product description

When writing an item description, it is better to follow a template. There is no single writing template for all products. However, there are key components without which a product text would not be complete and therefore not effective. These elements are the technical minimum. They enable the customer to see the most important things at a glance:

  • The name of the product. It is important to write it completely in an SEO product description and in large letters. Also include the manufacturer, model number and colour. This way, the visitor to your website will find their way through the catalogue more quickly and know if they are on the right page.
  • The product image. The importance of visual perception is very important. A good photo or video in a product description provides visibility and emotional colouring. You are not only selling useful information, but also feelings. It is a good idea to add several photos from different angles to complete the picture.
  • Price. This is a very important component of the item description that buyers also pay attention to first. Make the price clearly visible in your product text. If there is a discount on the product, state that as well.
  • Information on delivery, payment and warranty. This is important for your customers and effective for SEO promotion of your online shop. This information should be clear and transparent in your product description. Tell about all the conditions and benefits: Payment and delivery methods, what product liability you offer.
  • The “Buy” / “Shopping cart” / “Order” buttons. They should be large and prominent in a product text and offer the possibility to select the desired quantity of the product.

However, in order to answer a customer’s possible questions and persuade them to buy from your shop, it is necessary to supplement the product description with useful information. This information includes:

  • Text description. They should show the visitor product features and its advantages, provide answers to all his questions.
  • Product parameters. Note dimensions, weight, composition, technical data and anything else the buyer needs to know before buying. It is useful to format the parameters in the item description in a list format.
  • Other useful materials. Depending on the specifics of your products, you can add various diagrams, reviews and video presentations in your product text. All this improves visibility for visitors and has a positive impact on sales.
  • Cross sale or cross selling also plays a significant role. This is a source of additional sales. Cross sale in a product description consists of showing other products in connection with the current product to visitors of your online shop, for example:

Similar products. Offer the customer several items that differ a little in price and product features. This makes the selection easier.
Accompanying goods. This is an unobtrusive reminder block of each item description. It helps your shoppers add everything they need to the basket without wandering through the catalogue.
“Last seen”. The most recently opened products are automatically displayed here. This makes it easy to return to them later. This also increases the likelihood of purchase.

  • Reviews from real customers. They help you gain the trust of your website visitors and make it easier for them to decide to buy from your shop. Statistically, more than 60% of people carefully read reviews on a website. People prefer online shops that have such a block in the item description.

Tips for an effective product description

For an online shop to function effectively, it is essential to have a well-formulated and well thought-out product description, down to the last detail. A good product description is emotional. At the same time, it is clear and easy to understand. To ensure that the product text not only describes your articles, but also sells them, pay attention to the following points when creating it:

  1. Define the target group for which the product is intended. Think about the problem this target group has when they come to your shop and how you can help them.
  2. Do not make the product text very large. A standard option is 400 to 800 characters. More characters are difficult for an average user to perceive.
  3. Adapt the language of your product description to the audience. For women, for example, the emotional component is more important, for men a more rational approach is appropriate.
  4. Write in short, easy-to-understand sentences. Divide the product text into small paragraphs. Use bulleted lists, highlight the most important points with bold print or a special block.
  5. Identify the most important information and product features. Write only what is important to the buyer. A minimum number of words and sentences should contain a maximum of thoughts.
  6. End your product text with a call to action. Unobtrusively encourage your customers to take the next step, especially if there is a discount or special conditions.

Creating a sales-promoting product description is a time-consuming process. But it works in the long run. It is definitely worth taking the time and investing resources to create a well-worded product text. Describe your product in such a way that the customer has no doubt about buying it from you in particular!

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