Hood.de listing optimization

Hood.de is now one of the largest online sales portals in Germany with online auctions and shops.
Hood.de was founded with the aim of making online buying and selling more affordable for customers. Hood.de has existed as an auction house since 1999 and has established itself as a trading platform, especially in Germany. A direct competitor of this auction platform is Ebay.
Hood.de also offers a rating system for sellers and products as well as the possibility to leave feedback. As the prices are lower than in traditional online shops, this attracts a large number of online buyers not only from Germany but from all over the European Union.
Hood.de has more than 7 million customers and offers several million products from private individuals and companies who can run their own online shop on this platform. In total, the online sales portal has more than 10,000 registered traders.
With Hood.de it is possible to sell products on an auction basis as well as on a fixed price basis. Such product categories are sold here as: Electronics, books, disks, clothing and jewellery as well as products for children, cars and much more, with a total of more than 20 thousand product groups. Thus, the trading platform earns the title of one of the largest online marketplaces in Germany, where you can find any kind of goods.
The main advantage of Hood.de for sellers is the relatively low cost and commission structure.
To become a seller on Hood.de, you first have to register. Hood.co.uk does not charge listing fees. When an item is sold, the private seller must then pay a 5% sales commission. The commission is at least €0.01. To highlight and better promote your items, you can add paid special options on request.
Hood.de offers fair conditions for trading via the marketplace and low fees so that sellers can remain competitive and offer fair prices to their potential buyers