Kaufland listing optimization

Kaufland positions itself as “the German player” in the market and was founded when Hitmeister and
Kaufland merged. Now Kaufland.de is a major sales channel for retailers and manufacturers. The website
offers shipping to around 30 different countries and more than 10 different payment methods.
In addition, Kaufland has a Payback programme, which should not be underestimated: for every item
purchased, you receive Payback points, which you can soon use to pay. The listing of articles is free of
charge and unlimited for traders, a commission of between 6.5 and 12.5 percent is charged for a sale. For a
marketing package Kaufland.de charges a monthly fee of € 39.95, for another € 9.95 you can add a link to
your own online shop.
Kaufland’s advantage is the dovetailing of online and offline business, which is to be further expanded in
the future. Currently, it is already possible for marketplace retailers to deliver parcels to the more than
280 Kaufland stores.