ManoMano listing optimization

ManoMano is the first marketplace dedicated to home and garden improvement. It’s one of the most popular DIY online marketplaces. ManoMano was launched in France in 2013 and has since evolved into a full-fledged Marketplace. Today, the platform has its own fulfilment centres and is present in the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Germany.
ManoMano is a growing marketplace that offers its customers an extensive catalogue of more than 3 million products.

The website of this marketplace has a total monthly traffic of 44 million people from Europe. France is the website’s largest target group with 45% of ManoMano’s total traffic, Italy with 21% and Spain with 13%.
This makes ManoMano the European online market leader for DIY, home & garden today.
If you want to sell on ManoMano, make sure your products fall into the categories of this marketplace: Tools, Garden, Heating & Air Conditioning, Electrical & Smarthome, Plumbing, Building Materials and Paint. Also note that ManoMano places great emphasis on the quality of the products. After you have submitted your application, ManoMano will check your online shop.
In this case, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of €35 (excluding VAT). There is no fee for submitting a sales application on ManoMano. You also have to pay a commission per sale. The amount depends on the products sold, depending on their category.