Metro listing optimization

The company was founded in Germany in 1964. As early as 1968, the revolutionary cash & carry concept spread beyond the country’s borders. METRO signed an agreement with the Dutch retail chain Dutch Steenkolen Hendelsvereniging N.V. (SHV) to establish the joint company Makro Zelfbedienigsgroothandel C.V., in which the founding partners held a 40% stake. METRO and Makro grew dynamically in the following decades and took leading positions in the international wholesale market.
At the beginning of the 21st century, Eastern Europe and Asia were the most important markets for the development of the company. METRO significantly expanded the network of METRO wholesale stores and substantially increased its total selling space through dynamic growth in Russia and China.
Today, METRO is the largest company in the international cash & carry (small wholesale) business format within METRO AG, a global retail and wholesale company.
The company is represented in more than 750 shopping centres in 25 countries and offers a wide range of food and non-food products and specialises in the needs of the HoReCa segment and independent retail organisations.
METRO’s development is based on a strategy of internationalisation. The company contributes to the creation of an optimal retail infrastructure, creates new, sustainable jobs and makes an important contribution to education in the markets in which it operates.
Today, Metro is developing e-commerce in both the B2B and B2C segments. Metro’s business customers include more restaurants, cafés and hotels.
Several thousand customers have used METRO Marketplace to equip their businesses. Whether it is a kiosk, restaurant, bar or hotel, every catering business will find what it is looking for on the platform thanks to the extremely broad product range. More than 600,000 products are available on METRO Marketplace in various product categories, such as kitchen equipment for commercial kitchens, kitchen utensils, stationery, tableware, cleaning products and much more.
The company is constantly expanding its product range to offer customers the maximum choice of products.
Thanks to its cooperation with leading manufacturers, METRO strives to offer its customers only quality products. The company is interested in working with suppliers whose products meet all the necessary requirements.

For sellers, METRO Marketplace offers European reach, competent support in all matters, successful marketing and much more.
To become a seller on METRO Marketplace, you need to register and list your products. As a seller on this platform, you then have to pay a monthly fee and a sales commission. The amount of the latter depends on the product category and ranges from 7 to 13 percent. More from this, there are also certain requirements for METRO Marketplace to accept you as a seller. All detailed information is available on the website in the section “For Sellers”.
Many customers trust in the METRO brand. Working with METRO Marketplace guarantees you networking with millions of HoReCa customers and professionals from other sectors.