Otto Marketplace

For well-known e-commerce retailers, OTTO is an attractive additional distribution channel with not so strong competitive pressure as on other platforms. The expansion of the marketplace has been progressing at a very fast pace since 2020. Now the online platform has two million visitors daily. Potential customers are
both “traditional customers” from the catalogues and customers of OTTO’s subcontractors.
With external brands and its own products, OTTO offers a very large product range. At the same time, the
competition is not very strong. The marketplace currently has around 400 sellers. It is therefore relatively
easy to stand out with your products.
The fee consists of a monthly basic fee of €39.90 and a standard market commission of between 7 and 15
per cent as soon as you have sold an item. The commissions are differentiated differently depending on the
product range.
OTTO retailers must meet certain requirements in order to be allowed to sell on the platform. For example,
the retailer’s registered office must be in Germany, the goods must be shipped from a German warehouse
and a German-speaking customer service must be offered.