Discover selling with Instagram

Instagram now has more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide and the audience keeps growing.
Instagram allows you to present your products professionally.
With personalized Instagram posts, you can place your products in a target market and increase purchase intent.
Instagram simplifies the buying process for your customers.

If you want to start soon, follow the steps of our guide.

How do I start selling on Instagram?

  1. Add your store to Facebook. Uploading is pretty easy.
  2. Change your Instagram account to Business Profile.
  3. Connect your Facebook product catalog to Instagram business profile. After that, your profile will be checked for compliance with all Facebook rules. It lasts from several days to several weeks.
  4. Now you can enable product tagging on your profile. You can tag up to 5 items in one picture. Select a photo, click Tag Products and select the desired product from the list provided.

When the customer tap the product tag from your Instagram post, the following information is available to them:

  • The image from your website
  • The description of the item
  • The price of the item
  • A link to purchase the item on your website

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