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ERP systems in e-commerce automate and integrate business processes, from warehouse management to customer care. They optimise the flow of information, promote efficient processes and increase customer satisfaction, making them essential for the dynamic online market.


Find a Corporate Design Expert

The corporate design of a product determines its visual identity. Uniform design of packaging, advertising materials and presentation makes the product unmistakable. A consistent design promotes brand loyalty and sets the product apart from the competition.


Find a customer support expert

Customer support in online retail is the key to customer loyalty. Fast response times, helpful solutions and accessible service shape the buying experience and positively influence purchase decisions, repurchase rates and brand perception.


Marketing in e-commerce

Advertising in online sales uses digital channels to promote products or services in a targeted way. Targeted ads, social media and email marketing are used to reach potential customers, strengthen brand presence and promote sales. Efficient strategies are essential for success in the digital market.


Find a DAM systems expert

DAM (Digital Asset Management) systems in e-commerce organise and manage digital resources such as images, videos and documents. They optimise access, share content efficiently and ensure consistent brand presentation. DAM is essential for structured and effective content management in online shops.


Find a social media expert

Social media in e-commerce uses platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote products, build customer loyalty and strengthen brand presence. It promotes direct interactions with customers, increases traffic to webshops and supports targeted marketing campaigns for online sales increases.

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